Ontario Beekeepers for Bee Rescues

Ontario Bee Rescue is dedicated to saving the honeybees and the humane removal and relocation of honey bee swarms and established honeybee colonies within Ontario Canada.

Our Goal is to have registered beekeepers remove swarms or honeybee colonies from homes, sheds, decks, and other man-made structures. We also collect swarms of honeybees from tree branches, fences, vehicles etc. The collected honeybees will then be relocated to an established licensed apiary bee sanctuary where they are able to thrive as beneficial pollinators to the local environment.

If you are a licensed beekeeper in Ontario - send us an email or message to get on the swarm call list - this is a free non profit service!
If a beekeeper trys to charge you for an open swarm removal - please notify us immediately.
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The Difference - Bees and Hornets The Difference - Hornets Nest and Honey Bees
This is a Honeybee Swarm This is a Hornets Nest

Find a Beekeeper

Ontario Bee Rescue
Name: Bruce Richardson and Joanne Crockett
Location: London, Chatham to Toronto
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 519-520-0424 and 416-804-7049
Email: info@ontariobeerescue.com
Tri-Cities Bee Rescue
Name: Mike Barber
Location: Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo
(within about 100 km)
Phone: 519-362-7954
Email: mikebarber@live.ca
Purple Hill Apiaries
Name: Scott Clunas
Location: London, Thorndale
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 519-281-3546
Email: iansclunas@explornet.com
Name: Andrew Pember
Location: Woodstock
Phone: 519-320-0210
Heff's Hives
Name: Dan Heffernan
Location: London and surrounding area
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 519-860-7388
Email: dheff@heffshives.com
Name: Kyle Baker
Location: Eastern Ontario, Jasper, Smiths Falls
Phone: 613-207-5988
Email: bakerkyle@hotmail.com
Name: Stephen Hotchkiss
Location: Aylmer
Phone: 519-697-8880
Email: stephenboydhotchkiss@gmail.com
Tonis Beehive
Name: Tony Berger
Location: Lombardy, Ontario
Phone: 613-283-2592
Email: tonykathy4151@gmail.com
Name: Patrick Secord
Location: Toronto
Cell: 416-919-8903
Home: 416-693-4493
Email: patrick.secord@hotmail.com
Name: Anne Parkhill
Location: Woodstock and Brantford
Phone: 519-732-6764
Email: willowtreefowl@gmail.com
Name: Richard Johnson
Location: Guelph, Durham in Grey County
Phone: 416-998-0267
Email: richard.johnson@levity.ca
Buzz Bee Farm
Name: Chris and Coral McKay
Location: Sunderland, Ontario
Phone: 705-432-2628 and 705-878-2592
Kiss My Bees Honey
Name: JoAnn Poirier
Location: Mitchell's Corners, Ontario
Phone: 905-728-9419
Email: kissmybeeshoney@gmail.com
Name: Bob Crowhurst
Location: North and West London, Middlesex County
Phone: 519-666-1670
Email: robert.crowhurst@sympatico.ca

East of Eden Apiary
Name: B & L Vandevyvere
Location: Eden, Ontario
Phone: 519-866-3690
Crocker Honey
Name: Don Crocker
Location: Oxford, Norwich, Elgin, Sparta, St Thomas
Phone: 519-633-1099
Email: crockerhoney@gmail.com
Honey Tree Apiaries
Name: Chris McGyver
Location: Burgessville, Ontario
Phone: 519-424-3302
Email: honeytreeapiaries@hotmail.ca
Huismann Apiaries
Name: Rick Huismann
Location: London and St Thomas
Phone: 519-636-3485
Email: dtech1639@xplornet.com
Name: Rob Leadley
Location: Within 35km of London
Phone: 519-640-8987
Email: robair@sympatico.ca
Name: Brad Thorpe
Location: Springhill Area
Phone: 226-237-0076
Email: thorpe_e@hotmail.com
Name: Susan Fussell
Location: Kintore, Lakeside, Embro
Phone: 519-283-6026
Email: thamesmobile@yahoo.ca
Name: Jack Coughlan and Glenn Davies
Location: London and Area
Phone: 519-473-9864 ext 103 Cell: 519-318-3223
Email: Jack@smallbusiness.local
Name: Albert Devries
Location: Central London down to Lake Erie
Phone: 519 868 9429
Email: devriesfour@gmail.com
Name: Denise and Mike Dodman
Location: Blenheim and Surrounding Area
Phone: 519-676-9499 Cell: 519-359-7766
Email: mddodman@gmail.com
Name: Connie Hueston and Dan Piper
Location: London, Ilderton, Ailsa Craig, Parkhill,
Poplar Hill, Komoka
Phone: 519-657-8237 or 519-281-8268
Name: Maureen Tucker
Location: London
Phone: 519-473-8333
Email: tuckerphoto@rogers.com
Gees Bees Honey Company
Name: Matthew and Marianne Gee
Location: Ottawa and the surrounding areas
Phone: 613-406-BEEZ (2339)
Email: Marianne@geesbees.ca
Name: Craig Weston
Location: London and Middlesex County
Phone: 519-777-4384
Email: craig@craigweston.ca
Bee Radical
Name: David Bowen
Location: Dunnville, Brantford, London
Phone: 519-410-4989 Cell: 519-410-4989
Email: president@halnorbeekeepers.com
Name: Justin Southern
Location: Aylmer and Surrounding Area
Phone: 519-873-0881
Email: jonny_bf@hotmail.com
Name: Marc Gravel
Location: Ottawa National Capital Area
will travel a radius of 75km
Phone: 613-293-4031
Email: apiary43@gmail.com
Toronto Bee Rescue
Name: Peter Chorabik
Location: Greater Toronto Area
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 416-809-5669
Email: info@torontobeerescue.ca
Name: Gerry Glass
Location: Kingsville, Essex, Chatham and Kent
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 519-324-1798
Email: glassgerry@gmail.com
Bubba Squish Honey
Name: Mason Westman
Location: Lucan and the surrounding areas
Phone: 519-280-2975
Email: Moosewestman@gmail.com
Name: Chris Weiland
Location: Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo (within 100 km)
Phone: 226-220-5700
Email: CWeiland2808@gmail.com
Seldom Fools Apiculture
Name: Gord Campbell and Greg Hounsell
Location: Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
Phone: 613-530-5662
Email: gord@sfapiculture.ca
Natural Instincts Beekeeping
Name: Jolanta Dabrowski
Location: London (will travel a radius of about 100 km)
Phone: 519-851-8280 (call or text)
Email: info@naturalinstinctsbeekeeping.com
Name: Neil Tuttle
Location: London, ON
Phone: 226-224-3606
Email: neil.tuttle@gmail.com
HoneyComb Cottage
Name: Julie Marshall
Location: Caledon, Dufferin County, Wellington County & Peel Region
Phone: 647-519-2432
Email: jlmarsh@rogers.com
Humble Bee
Name: Luc and Dan
Location: Hamilton to Toronto GTA
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: Luc - 905 906 3246 Phone: Dan - 519 362 3179
Email: info@humblebee.buzz
Grand River Beekeeping Association
Name: Dennis Schmidt.
Location: Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellington County, Woolwich
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 519 577 7068
Email: denschmidt@golden.net
Swarm Sisters
Name: Lesley Boileau and Whitney Lake
Location: Northumberland Area
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: Lesley - 905-372-5232 Whitney - 905-375-5285
Email: swarmsisters@gmail.com
Name: Mario Dagher
Location: Ottawa
Phone: 613 240-0779
Email: Mariodagher@hotmail.com
Name: James Hatchette
Location: Orleans Ontario available 20 miles of the city
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 613-668-7507
Email: jimhatchette@gmail.com
Name: Chris Baughman
Location: Bancroft to Peterborough Area
Phone: 613-334-6236
Email: chrisgbaughman@hotmail.com
Sutton Honey
Name: Michael S Harris
Location: York Region, Durham, Sutton Ontario
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 905-722-4324 or 416-402-8150
Email: harrismailbox@gmail.com
Name: Lyndsey Hart
Location: Ottawa West, Nepean, Kanata, Constance Bay,Fitzroy Harbour
Phone: 613-612-5043
Email: lyndseyjm@hotmail.com
Name: Margaret Norcott
Location: Grey county
Phone: 519-599-7445
Email: mnorcott@sympatico.ca
Name: Caroline Bergeron
Location: Athens, Addison, Delta, Lyndhurst, Smiths Falls
Phone: 613-803-1535
Email: carolineb612@gmail.com
Name: Rob Mack
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Phone: 905-891-7272 or 416-990-1163
Email: rob@syn.ca
Sticky Forks Apiary
Name: Daren & Vania Frame
Location: Kingston and Surrounding Area
Phone: 613-547-5344
Email: cuframer@gmail.com
Name: Craig Theriault
Location: Between Smiths Falls and Brockville
Phone 613 213 3080
Email: weedmarkroad@gmail.com
Name: Kevin Dorey
Location: Napanee (will respond to calls in Quinte and Kingston regions)
Phone: 613-922-7343
Email: kevdorey@yahoo.com
Name: Wayne McGill
Location: Gravenhurst Ontario
Phone: 705-687-2393
Email: garny83@gmail.com
Name: Chris Baughman
Location: Bancroft, Peterborough and Kawartha lakes
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 613-334-6236
Email: chrisgbaughman@hotmail.com
gribBEES Apiaries
Name: Todd Gribbons
Location: City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough & Durham Region
Phone: 705-277-9262
Email: gribbeesapiaries@gmail.com
Name: Calum McRae
Location: Belleville, Quinte Area
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 613-243-0638
Email: farmercalum@hotmail.com
Innisfil Creek Honey
Name: Brian Scott
Location: Newmarket right up to Orillia
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 705-456-5093
Email: brian@innisfilcreekhoney.com
Name: Nathan chesterman
Location: Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo
Phone: 519-222-5436
Email: nchesterman@gmail.com
Barks Apiaries
Name: Mike Barks
Location: Wasaga Beach
* Swarm Captures and Removals from Inside Walls etc
Phone: 705-888-6798
Email: mike@barksapiaries.ca
Name: David Gratton
Location: Ottawa
Phone: 613-558-8445
Email: davidgratton9@gmail.com
Name: Conor Cleary
Location: Spencerville, Ontario
Phone: 613-246-2492
Email: conor.cleary@live.com