Got a Honeybee Swarm?

Miss Beezley

Spotting a swarm of bees in your yard can be scary! The first response for most people: Freak out! The second response: Grab some bug spray or call an exterminator. Miss Beezley says: Stay calm and call us 519-520-0424. Most swarm removals are free, except in the case of cut outs. Cut outs are if the bees are in a wall or floor. We can supply a quote after inspection if that is the situation. We do not remove hornet nests. Please see the pictures below if you are unsure if you have honeybees or hornets.
CLICK HERE for beekeepers in your area.
If you are a licensed beekeeper in Ontario - send us an email or message to get on the swarm call list - this is a free non profit service!
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The Difference - Bees and Hornets The Difference - Hornets Nest and Honey Bees
This is a Honeybee Swarm This is a Hornets Nest
Ontario Bee Rescue is a Non-Profit Organization
We hold down regular day jobs and field several calls a day for bee rescues. Many rescues involve driving many kilometers and spending several hours at a rescue site. The Honeybees survival depends on all of us. You can make a difference now. Any donation is very much appreciated. Thank You


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